New Zealand owned Mexican food brand, Cartel Food Co., has released the results of a nationwide survey, which shows that almost half of Kiwis (43.84%) are now enjoying Mexican cuisine once per week. A further 26 percent eat it once per fortnight and 21 percent have it once per month.

The majority choose to dine at home (75.69%), though 19 percent prefer Mexican food from a restaurant and 4 percent head to their local food truck.

Nachos came out on top as New Zealand’s favourite type of Mexican food (25%), pipping burritos to the post by the smallest of margins (24%). Other picks included tacos (18.72%), enchiladas (11%), quesadillas (6.85%) and fajitas (6.39%).

When asked about the popularity of Mexican food, most Kiwis agreed that it had boomed in the last five years (93.12%). Reasons included:

  • Increasing preference for healthier, fresher ingredients (66.97%)
  • Busier lives encouraging people to look for faster, convenient cooking/food options (37.61%)
  • Busier lives encouraging people to look for faster, convenient cooking/food options (36.24%)
  • An increase in travel – to Mexico and other far-flung destinations (19%)
  • A rise in cooking shows featuring Mexican cuisine (16%)
  • More food magazines featuring Mexican cuisine (12%).

“It has been fascinating to see the results of the survey, as they confirm what we already suspected – that Mexican food is continuing to experience a boom in popularity in New Zealand. The evidence can be seen in the rapid growth of our own brand. Since our launch in 2015, we have achieved 550% growth in sales revenue and sold 500,000 burritos,” said Melissa Phillips, Co-Owner of Cartel Food Co.

“Most people have jam-packed lives these days, with commitments to work, family, friends and hobbies. Consumers want meal options that are quick and easy to prepare. However, at the same time, tastes have become more adventurous and there is more awareness around health and the importance of fresh, nutritious ingredients. Mexican food ticks an awful lot of those boxes, which is why we think there has been such a huge surge in sales and interest over the past few years.”

The survey also asked participants to share other cuisines that they enjoy, revealing that New Zealanders like to indulge in a wide range of international flavours. The top cuisines included:

  1. Indian (76.50%)
  2. Italian (72.35%)
  3. Thai (71.43%)
  4. Japanese (66.36%)
  5. Chinese (62.21%)
  6. Turkish (52.07%)
  7. Greek (45.16%)
  8. American (35.48%)
  9. Spanish (33.18%)
  10. French (25.35%)

Cartel Food Co. produces New Zealand’s only frozen burrito. The burritos are deliciously authentic. They are handmade, hand rolled and use only the highest quality ingredients.

There are currently five burritos in the Cartel Food Co. range: Poblano Chilli Pulled Pork, Smokey Chipotle Chilli Shredded Beef, Chilli & Lime Shredded Chicken, Beans & Cheese and their 100% vegan burrito, Black Bean, Roasted Corn and Chilli Lime Tofu.