After 10 years in research and development, Dr Angie Lang, an Australian dentist has announced the launch of her new product, Swirlit. Dr Lang sought to create a healthy alternative to sugary and acidic drinks to prevent dental health problems like tooth decay and acid erosion.

Other than tap water and unsweetened tea and coffee, there are no drinks that don't do some dental damage with time, even bottled water has a pH in the acidic range in order to maintain sterility.

Swirlit is a functional beverage and provides fresh breath, an instant clean mouthfeel, and close talking confidence. With a unique blend of natural ingredients which have been scientifically shown to have oral health benefits. Swirlit creates a new beverage category - functional oral health drink.

Manufactured in Australia, Swirlit contains no sugar, artificial colours, flavours or GMOs, and even though there are no preservatives, Swirlit has a 24-month ambient shelf life.

Because of the non-acidic pH of Swirlit, it also aids in preventing dental erosion and enhancing remineralisation of the teeth.