Jasberry rice is the newest member of the ‘superfood family’, redefining the rice category with exclusive qualities - being organic, non-GMO and with much higher antioxidants than any other rice on the market. Jasberry rice has 40 times higher antioxidants than brown rice, seven times higher antioxidants than kale, 4 times higher antioxidants than quinoa and 2.8 times higher antioxidants than blueberries.

This gluten free, vegan-friendly rice was developed through natural-cross-breeding, obtaining a rich dark purple colour; Jas refers to the rice flavour and taste, while berry comes from the huge number of antioxidants. Anthocyanins give both blueberries and Jasberry rice their ravishing colour. One cup of Jasberry rice makes a generous three cups of cooked rice.

In addition to the glorious colour, the taste is wonderful; soft at first bite with deep aromatic flavour, to complement many dishes, particularly Asian style foods. Jasberry rice makes wonderful colourful salads and vibrant nourish bowls, enjoy in autumn soups or use it to make a memorable side dish that adds some WOW factor to your dining table presentation. Replace white rice with Jasberry rice and pack more flavour and antioxidants into your diet.

Jasberry Co Ltd is a Thailand based social enterprise transforming farmers’ lives one grain at a time. Jasberry Co works with over two thousand five hundred farmers, with the mission of improving these small-scale farmers’ livelihoods in a sustainable manner, and bringing innovative, healthy and delicious organic products to consumers globally.

Jasberry Co is the only certified B‐Corp food company in Thailand. Certified B Corporations voluntarily meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. B Corporations aim to create value for all of society, not just for traditional stakeholders, such as company owners and shareholders.

In March 2019, Jasberry Rice was one of the finalists for the Gulfood innovation Awards in Dubai, under the category ‘Most Innovative Organic Product’. In May 2019 Jasberry rice received the Food and Beverage Award (FABI) in the US. The award honours the year’s most delicious, unique and exciting food product-that will shape the future of food. Jasberry rice continues to win Awards.

Jasberry rice provides opportunities for an ethical farmer-grower journey; taking into consideration the effort and care needed to produce the rice. From the high-quality organic seeds, to field preparation, rice maturation, from harvest to milling and storage, packaging and distribution. This social enterprise changes lives and provides NZ consumers delicious, healthy nourishing food.