Something to Crow About is the perfect go-to for a gourmet breakfast or crunchy seed topper. With products that are loaded with plant-based protein in the form of nuts and seeds, whilst delivering on flavour. The company’s roots are plant based and this philosophy continues to shape their range.

“Something to Crow About products are well positioned to tap into the growing trend for plant-based foods and demand for allergy friendly products. Consumers agree, with our brand ranking in the top 10 best-selling breakfast brands in New Zealand for 2019*.

When we are creating new recipes, we want our food to be accessible to as many consumers as possible. Whilst it’s impossible to cover off all diets, most of our range certainly gets a big tick for being plant based”, said co-owner of Something to Crow About Christine Millar.

Consumers are loving our new Grain Free Breakfasts (plant based), launched in January 2020 and are flying off supermarket shelves. Available in two mouth-watering flavours, Macadamia Pina Colada & Hemp and Walnut Maple Plum & Hemp.

Superb over salads, Something to Crow About Roasted Seed Toppers are the perfect accompaniment to any meal.  Now available in a stylish display tray, they come in 4 tasty flavours and feature new look, eye-catching packaging. Merchandised near pre-packed salads, they are an easy add on sale in your produce department.

This year will see more new flavours from Something to Crow About with a focus on meeting demands for Keto friendly foods (low carb). Watch this space.

For more information on the Something to Crow About range contact Mike Millar; mike@crowabout.co.nz or call 09 428 0449

*IRI Total Breakfast Category, w/e 06/01/2020