Kiwi shoppers will be able to get their hands on the new premium Asian lager, Tiger Crystal, a crystal-cold filtered brew that has been a hit with beer drinkers around the world.

Tiger Crystal is a beautifully balanced, easy-drinking, pale lager with 4.5% ABV. Beer lovers will find that Tiger Crystal has low bitterness and a slight sweetness with a refreshing finish.

“Tiger Crystal is a classic sunshine style beer, created for the heat of Asia, and brewed with a pale lager malt and a unique combination of hops. It presents a fruity aroma and a delicate flavour that we know Kiwis are going to love. We’re really excited to be launching the vibrant and dynamic Tiger Crystal brand in New Zealand,” said Fiona Marston, International Brands Marketing Manager for Tiger Beer.

Encased in a 330ml crystal-clear flint glass, the cold filtered beverage boasts an ultimately refreshing appearance.

The new variant Tiger Crystal joins the original world-acclaimed Asian lager, Tiger Beer, which Kiwi consumers know and love, and is the only Asian beer to make the top ten list of beer brands in the world.

Sean O’Donnell, Marketing Director at DB Breweries, said that Tiger Crystal is perfect for the Kiwi palate.

“We’ve seen the Tiger Beer brand in New Zealand go from strength to strength, and it makes sense because Kiwi consumers love Asian food and flavours. Tiger Crystal is made with these flavours in mind, so is perfectly set up to complement our passion for Asian culture and food,” said O’Donnell.