New Shopping Cart Security Powered by AI

Tracxpoint's T-Loc and CHECXiN Terminal with connected shopping trolleys.
Tracxpoint's T-Loc and CHECXiN Terminal with connected shopping trolleys.

Tracxpoint has developed the T-Loc, an Intelligent Locking Device for standard shopping trolleys that is more secure and 100 percent connected to supermarket data systems. With the power of artificial intelligence, the T-Loc puts a new twist on the traditional coin-operated trolley lock.

"With the rollout of our Daivi Smart Cart and CHECXiN Cart Management products, we received many inquiries from budget-conscious grocers about the possibility of 'getting their feet wet' with a less robust solution. Several retailers were already using coin-operated locks, so our Engineers decided to reimagine this type of security device to connect with our AI-Driven ecosystem," said Gidon Moshkovitz, Chief Strategy Officer of Tracxpoint.

The T-Loc can be unlocked by scanning a QR Code using a store's Rewards/Loyalty mobile app or inserting a coin for guest shoppers. Once unlocked, the device begins sending data to store servers, such as trolley location and shopping duration, which combines to generate daily store Heat Maps, providing managers priceless insight into customer movement and store layout analytics.

"T-Loc may appear as a simple chain-locking mechanism, but the data and insight it provides to store operators is exceptionally valuable and unmatched."

With the ability for T-Loc to broadcast its coordinates via a built-in WAY Indoor Positioning System, locating abandoned trolleys outside of the store or retrieving a 'remote count' of trolleys in or near a return kiosk is as easy as clicking on the Television. Additionally, T-Loc broadcasts a unique signal to area CHECXiN terminals to identify its proximity. It can also provide information on other trolleys that may be too far away to directly connect with the CHECXiN terminal via daisy-chain connectivity, effectively reducing theft or loss.

Anti-theft and General Analytics are not the only features of the T-Loc. Shoppers using a store's mobile app can earn rewards for safely returning and relocking the trolley while receiving personalised and location-based coupons during their shopping journey. The coupons can be accessed directly via the app and scanned at checkout. No personally identifiable data is ever collected or shared.

With less required infrastructure and easy installation, Tracxpoint's T-Loc intelligent locking device offers grocery retailers a solid foundation to generate customer data and insights to refine operations while securing the fleet at a minimal cost.

Tracxpoint is set to deploy the AI-Driven T-Loc units in Q4, 2022.