Peter FitzSimons, journalist and former rugby player, and Rob Redenbach, former bodyguard of Nelson Mandel and author of ‘What I didn’t learn at Harvard’, are just the latest speakers confirming their attendance at the FGC Conference 2016, to be held on November 2-4 on the Gold Coast.

The line-up already includes:

  • Terry O’Brien, CEO of Simplot: ‘Discounters at the gate, adapting strategy to deal with the new discounting environment in food and grocery’
  • Steve Anderson, CEO of Foodstuffs: annual update
  • Chris Quin, CEO of Foodstuffs North Island: annual update
  • Tim Hart, CEO of Ridley Corporation and former CEO of Sugar Australia: ‘Succeeding in a world where consumers want simple solutions to complex issues’
  • Gareth Edgecombe, CEO of The Comport Group: ‘Business leadership operating in the new reality’
  • Owen Eastwood (workshop): ‘Building the right culture for a high performance team’
  • Kelly Smith, Bizadvisor: workshops for industry relations, talent & retention and others
  • Neil Rechlin, NextGen: Food & Grocery Code of Conduct and what it means for suppliers; plus more in-depth training on the Code
  • Lance Dobson: Nielsen Barometer and other industry trends
  • Craig Woolford, equity analyst of Citi: ‘Is grocery retailing entering a new era?’
  • Richard Harman, political expert and Politik blogger: political update
  • Katherine Rich, CEO, NZ Food & Grocery Council

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