The 2018 vintage of fan-wine Clearview Estate ‘Black Reef Blush’ 2018, is being launched in Hawke’s Bay tomorrow with a celebration party in Ahuriri. Of the 30 wines in Clearview Estate’s portfolio, Black Reef Blush is the winery’s single biggest production wine

“Black Reef Blush is a major wine for us,” said Clearview Estate co-owner Tim Turvey. “It’s a purpose-built wine, rather than many New Zealand rosés that are by-products of a red wine harvest. Black Reef Blush is made by Matt Kirby, from our dedicated plantings of Chambourcin grapes – a variety whose juice is pink rather than clear like most red wine variety cousins.”

Clearview Estate is one of the largest growers in New Zealand of Chambourcin, with increased plantings over the past three decades in the winery’s Te Awanga vineyards.

“Chambourcin is such an interesting variety and combined with a little amount of white wine, it is fresh and complex. Black Reef is a wine that is refreshing, crisp and best drunk cold. It also has a little Merlot and Cabernet Franc added in for mouth feel.”