Midlands Apiaries, New Zealand’s leading producer of genuine Mānuka honey has announced its affordable ‘black label’ brand, Mount Somers, set to be sold in New World, Pak n Save, Fresh Choice and Supervalue supermarkets across the country, for the very first time. Discerning honey lovers, who appreciate fine gourmet spreads and ingredients, can now enjoy uniquely, distinctive premium clover honey flavours for a wholesome taste experience. The launch marks an introduction of the largest selection of one-of-a-kind flavour profiles in the honey industry, naturally produced and in their raw form.

Made from 100% New Zealand high-quality Clover Honey, Mount Somers will enter the retail market with six delicious new flavours including vanilla, caramel, orange, lemon, lime, and ginger affordably priced at $9.99 for a 350g jar. These decadent treats offer a sweet lovely taste, naturally produced and free from processed sugar and no added salt.

As an alternative from the likes of high in artificial processed sugar spreads like jams, marmalades and preserves, the new Mount Somers range is guilt free and natural, without losing any sweet flavour. In addition, the new range aims to move a generation away from processed sugars found in high fat peanut butters and dairy based chocolate type spreads. The unique and special thing about honey, especially the Midlands range, is that instead of being filled with nasties like sucrose which is refined and processed, the Mount Somers range is only full of natural sugars.

This new range of natural flavour sensations will wake up the taste buds and are perfect staples for the kitchen pantry. The clover honey flavour really stands out with its beautiful floral notes and lovely pale gold colour. Each of these new creamy honey flavours adds a new and exciting twist to toast, waffles, pancakes, cereal, muesli, ice cream or even in warm water as a soothing drink.

“Mount Somers is extremely proud and excited to launch their six new flavours in supermarkets across the country. We are so pleased with how our affordable, yet high quality, line of product has turned out and even more so that it’s one that will be a great nutritious and natural alternative to the less natural spreads out there,” said Adam Boot, International Brand Manager for Midlands Apiaries.

“There are various markets, multiple retail channels and many types of consumers with differing needs, wants, expectations and disposable incomes. PURITI is what we call ‘best of the best’ and we like to see Mount Somers as the ‘best of the rest’,” concluded Boot.