Mobile technology for FMCG field teams is the key connector between the customer and head-office. The ability to see real-time insights of what's happening at the coalface empowers companies to design strategies to encourage teams to achieve peak sales performance.

In New Zealand, the Opmetrix field platform is the number one solution for sales and merchandising agencies. This is in part due to the strong innovation driving the platform that ensures businesses can take the right action in the right store at the right time, to gain the biggest impact for their brands.

New generation of Opmetrix 

Opmetrix is set to launch its next generation platform this month. It offers significant new features for field teams and improved visibility for national sales managers. With an entirely new design, it's packed with enhanced reporting, including activity and performance dashboards for both customer and team optimisation. Opmetrix' new platform strengthens the connection between territory managers and merchandising reps as it now offers the ability for teams to set tasks and actions for one another within a store.

The new merchandising mobile app is streamlined to include the ability to audit range, out-of-stock and promotional activity using a low-cost smartphone form element. Now every team member that visits a store can use Opmetrix technology.

Live Agent now released

The most significant innovation of the new generation release is Opmetrix Live Agent. Live Agent allows head-office management to see on a map the live location and activity of the field user, and see the roads and route taken throughout the day and compare that against call cycle planning. With options to record start and end of day times, and track mileage, Opmetrix combines mobile CRM, retail execution, sales and GPS route tracking all within one mobile platform.

A focus on health and safety

Health and Safety remains a key focus for FMCG and Opmetrix covers this well combining Live Agent for location awareness, Surveys to record incidents and its ability to digitally integrate the FGC Safe in-store pass.

Route Sales Payment Gateway 

Opmetrix has extended functionality for route sales deliveries and direct-to-store sales. Now with an integrated credit card payment gateway, Opmetrix delivers a full cycle from adding a new customer, invoicing on the spot and completing the payment via credit card - all within the Opmetrix mobile app. Subsequent invoicing securely stores the credit card details for immediate payment and receipt.

These new Opmetrix innovations will soon be rolled out automatically to thousands of users that service New Zealand supermarkets utilising Opmetrix in-store every day. It's great to see a New Zealand-owned and locally developed solution leading the way in FMCG technology.

For more information please contact Oliver Huggins, director, Opmetrix, on