NZMP pick top five consumer trends for 2019

New Zealand Milk Products (NZMP) have analysed a collection of insights and data acquired from various food and nutrition research providers to come up with the top five trends for 2019. The top five trends are:


  1. Digestive wellness.
  2. Snacking as an occasion in its own right.
  3. Ethics goes 360.
  4. Total wellbeing.
  5. Adventurous consumption.


New Nutrition Business and Mintel report that people are becoming increasingly aware of microbiome science and how it interacts with their health. Consumers are therefore more concerned with the food that they are eating. There is also an increasing demand for products that focus on digestive wellness. James Dekker, NZMP programme manager, nutrition and health, said that a diet that aids gut health might have a number of health benefits. “We have started to see evidence that probiotics may play other beneficial roles in areas such as cognition, anti-inflammation, and metabolic health. They are now moving more mainstream as part of sports and active lifestyle for adults.”

NZMP research shows that snacking represents 40 percent of food and beverage consumption in diverse markets. Not only this, but snacking is becoming an established meal in its own right. As the demand grows, the products available, and the quality of snacks increases. Research shows that healthy snack products have the fastest growth in new product development in the last five years.

According to Globaldata, 41 percent of consumers look for ethical or sustainable logos when shopping. A growing interest in ethical products means that consumers are more interested in companies that can display genuine transparency with ethical supply lines. Humanity is becoming paramount in retail, and products that accept their part of social responsibility are generally well-received.

Consumers are also welcoming products that promote total wellbeing. Health nowadays extends far beyond a healthy diet. Emotional, whole body health and physical welfare are all integral parts of being healthy. Products that can appeal to these aspects of health are growing in popularity. Targeted marketing based around lifestyle-choices, gender, age, etc., becomes important in this market.

Launches tracked by Mintel show an increase of 39 percent in food and beverage launches with ‘discovery’ a key message appearing on pack in 2017 and 2018. Roshena De Leon, NZMP global insights managers, said, “New experiences as part of food and beverage consumption remain important. Consumers will place value on the authenticity of these experiences in place of generic products and will pay more attention to higher quality, unique and differentiated offerings. On top of this, the glocalisation of food that started years ago will be given a boost, and we will see more ethnic foods being introduced, including ethnic dairy options.”

Alex Turnbull, NZMP marketing director, said, “At a macro level, these trends are driven by a changing global demographic, rapid urbanisation and rising wealth. These trends are helping shape the global FMCG marketplace, with NZMP at the forefront of delivering to the trends in all of its markets.”