NZ’s Most Iconic Loaf Embraces a New Generation of Foodies

Vogel’s has been part of the Kiwi cultural fabric for more than half a century, keeping New Zealand toasters humming since 1967. To keep its pantry-staple status for decades to come, Vogel’s has today announced a significant update of its range accommodating the evolving palates of today’s Kiwis.

To complement its existing range, Vogel’s is releasing both a ​Vogel’s Gluten Free Keto​ loaf and New Zealand’s first prebiotic loaf produced by a major baker – ​Vogel’s Digestive Wellbeing​, available in two variants; Original and Super Seeds.

“Kiwi consumers are becoming more and more influenced by products that provide functional nutrition and taste – Vogel’s has always been progressive in that way by focusing on how to best incorporate natural ingredients. We are very excited for New Zealanders to try out the new Digestive Wellbeing and Keto options, for a loaf that suits their lifestyle," said Alina Varoy, Vogel’s Brand Manager.

To demystify some of the common misconceptions around gut health, Vogel’s has enlisted well-known nutritionist, Danijela Unkovich.

“Most of us by now are familiar with probiotics,” explained Unkovich. “Well, ​prebiotics ​and probiotics essentially work hand-in-hand. In short, probiotic foods contain live bacteria that build up to create an ecosystem supporting good health. Prebiotics a​ re types of fibre that feed the good bacteria living in your gut and are extremely important in maintaining a healthy digestive system.”

Unkovich said Kiwis should expect to see prebiotic products like Vogel’s Digestive Wellbeing become increasingly common over the coming years.

While ​Digestive Wellbeing​ is all about prebiotic support, Vogel’s new ​Gluten Free​ ​Keto ​loaf offers a low carb option that doesn’t sacrifice on texture. The loaf is gluten free, dairy free, and contains 15.2g of protein per serve and only 2.3g of carbohydrates.

Unkovich said that while the full keto diet isn’t for everyone, there’s increasing appetite from consumers who selectively incorporate keto products in their overall diet, due to the higher fat, low carb content they offer.