Oral-B Revolutionizing Oral Care with Novel AI Technology

oral-b toothbrush

Artificial Intelligence is making its way into so many aspects of our lives that it is only natural that our oral health routine receives an upgrade too.

At Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona, Oral-B, a global leader in the brushing industry, announced its latest technological innovation: Oral-B iO 10 with iOSense. This newest addition to the iO range will revolutionise how we brush our teeth with a personalised experience.

Accompanied by an intelligent device called iOSense, Oral-B iO 10 provides real-time guidance using artificial intelligence and a personalized brushing experience to promote healthy teeth and gums.

“The innovation represents a new era of brushing that is more than just an electric toothbrush – it’s a fusion of ground-breaking technology, desirable design and amazing performance. iO 10 with iOSense is our latest commitment to building a digital health ecosystem that leads with advanced technologies, accessible solutions and more effective educational tools to improve oral care and health for all,” explained Benjamin Binot, P&G Europe Oral Care Senior Vice President.

According to Maike Siemons, Europe R&D Oral Care leader, past clinical studies show that Oral-B iO toothbrushes deliver a more thorough cleaning of teeth and gums experience than a manual toothbrush. However, with iOSense, the personalized brushing experience will transform how we completely navigate our relationship with our oral health.

Powered by artificial intelligence, the iOSense device offers a unique brushing experience and guides users intuitively and seamlessly through the process of when, where and how to brush their teeth. It has a timer for optimal brushing time with a built-in Wi-Fi clock. Its automatic lights also ensure users that their toothbrush bristles reach every nook and cranny of their teeth. Additionally, the Oral-B App tracks users’ brushing progress and offers personalized feedback.

The iOSense device doubles up as a magnetic charger that takes around three hours to charge. For users on-the-go, the iOSense comes with a Power2Go travel case to charge at convenience.

Oral-B iO's micro-vibration technology removes 100 percent more plaque than a manual toothbrush to give users an experience that mimics professional teeth cleaning right in the comforts of their home, oral health as well as overall health. According to Oral-B, Clinical studies showed that Oral-B iO users experienced six times more plaque removal along the gumline, 100 percent healthier gums and whiter teeth in one week compared to manual toothbrush users.