The team at I Love Food Co, who make the I Love Pies range of gourmet pies and sausage rolls, is now making pastry for keen cooks to use at home to create their own delicious baked treats.

Co-founder Jessie Stanley said that since launching their pies range ten years ago, fans have been asking for the sour cream pastry as a stand-alone product.

"Our pastry is really special, and something we took a lot of time and care to develop, using the best quality ingredients. We use sour cream, which gives it a delicious and delicate flavour We also use New Zealand butter, as opposed to margarine or palm oil. The light and buttery texture has helped make our pies and sausage rolls popular across the country, so we thought that with the launch of our I Love Baking brand last year, it was time for us to share the love and launch our pastry products," said Stanley.

The I Love Baking Sour Cream Pastry, which comes in both standard and gluten-free varieties are available in the freezer aisle The standard Sour Cream Pastry variety comes in a 300g ready-rolled pastry sheet, and the Gluten Free Sour Cream Pastry, which is made in a gluten-free bakery, comes in a 300g pastry block.

Both varieties are perfect for making a quiche, flan, or tart. Ideas on the packaging include pinwheels with cinnamon and sugar, apple tarts, parmesan sticks and more.

"We've been creating all sorts of deliciousness with the pastry, and have found it really easy to work with and get a beautiful result in terms of texture, colour and most importantly, flavour. It gives people the opportunity to get creative in the kitchen."

The pastry doesn't have any preservatives or artificial flavours or colours. All of I Love Baking's pastry packaging can be recycled.