Pet Food Shortage? The Answer’s Right Under Your Nose

A global pet food shortage is affecting a large number of New Zealand supermarkets. A combination of global shipping delays and supply issues are preventing several leading dog and cat food brands from reaching the country.

While popular imported brands might be scarce, there is a locally produced alternative available right now.

“Kiwis can count on a regular supply of Omega Plus food for cats and dogs during this shortage,” said Simon Thomas, the Divisional Manager at Omega Innovations.

“We’re a New Zealand-based operation, which means we can restock supermarkets as soon as our products are ready. We aren’t dependent on international imports and exports, so our customer’s pets are always well-fed and looked after.”

Produced in the Marlborough Sounds and made from some of the world’s best salmon, it’s easy to see why dogs and cats everywhere love Omega Plus.

“We call Omega Plus the salmon superfood because it’s 100% natural and made from New Zealand King Salmon. Everybody knows the health benefits of eating salmon, and it’s the same for pets. The nutrients found in Omega Plus helps give our four-legged friends a shiny coat, strong bones, and improves joint health,” said Thomas.

If there’s one thing the team is focused on, it’s ensuring the products are of the highest quality. “It’s really important to have full transparency around where the Omega Plus ingredients come from. There’s nothing in our pet food that we wouldn’t feed to our own fur babies. After all, pets are part of the family.”

It's also comforting to know that many of the Omega Plus team are pet parents, which means they understand how tricky it can be to change an animal’s diet.

“Transitioning pets to new food isn’t always easy, so if you’re able to complete the process slowly, that would be ideal. Animals sure can be fussy creatures at times,” said Thomas.

Now’s a great time to for consumers to assess whether their pets are getting the nutrients they need, because nobody can say for certain how long the pet food shortage will last. Luckily, there’s a locally produced alternative available right now – and nothing will stop it from reaching our supermarket shelves.