After successfully removing over 5,000 litres of rubbish from New Zealand beaches last year, Phoenix Organics is again partnering with Sustainable Coastlines to clean up some of New Zealand’s dirtiest rivers. The Love Project launched in 2014, aims to empower people to clean up waterways through riparian planting days.“We know that 85% of our rivers aren’t fit for swimming after it rains,” says Sam Judd, co-founder of Sustainable Coastlines.
“Working with Phoenix Organics we’re helping communities to stop pollution at its source by setting up riparian planting events - these will help reduce pollutants entering rivers by re-establishing native vegetation.”
Figures released last month by regional councils revealed that more than half of New Zealand’s rivers are unsafe to swim in. Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Wellington, Canterbury and Northland were identified as the worst affected regions for river quality1.
Phoenix Organics hopes The Love Project will inspire their customers to make a real difference to New Zealand’s coastal areas.
The upcoming community planting days, held in Northland, Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, Otago, Waikato and Nelson provide an opportunity for communities to get involved with the planting of over 7,500 native plants along polluted riverbanks.