Plastic-free food wraps

Munch Cupboard has sold over 500,000 Beeswax Food Wraps throughout New Zealand already—despite having only entered the supermarket industry this year. “Five years ago,” said Anna Bordignon, Founder of Munch Cupboard, “no one knew what a Beeswax Food Wrap was and how to use it. It has taken some time to educate the market, but now we find that 99 percent of consumers will know what they are and want to purchase them.”

A Beeswax Food Wrap is a natural, reusable alternative to plastic wrap. You can use a Beeswax Food Wrap for up to 12 months. Once you have finished using them, you can either burn them in the fireplace or put them in the compost—a full product life cycle with no waste. Prior to the popularisation of mainstream sustainability, there was a gap in the market for general education around the topic. Bordignon believes that this is because of concern for businesses to lose profit.

Munch Cupboard started with a simple, yet award-winning Baby Cookbook. Following on from that they created a blog and developed a full product range of reusable baby products from lunchboxes to eco-straws. Munch Cupboard currently employs over 30 women throughout New Zealand to make their Beeswax Food Wraps. The women that they hire have found it difficult to obtain work—Munch Cupboard has taken it to them through the Traditional Outwork Model. “The demand for this type of work is so enormous that our capacity to supply more Beeswax Food Wraps is infinite," said Bordignon. "We have a vision to support over 200 women in need by taking work to them.”

As Munch Cupboard breaches into the supermarket industry, Bordignon hopes that the new opportunities will bring more sales, more suppliers, and more products.