One of New Zealand’s most iconic brands, Vogel’s has launched a premium new granola range especially for Kiwi foodies that has taste as well as sustainable packaging at its heart.

The all new Vogel’s Finest, available now in an environmentally-friendly reusable and recyclable glass jar, is the latest addition to Vogel's range of nutritious and delicious foods.

The new range includes two new granolas - Aloha and Aroha - made with premium New Zealand ingredients for a flavour explosion. Low in sugar and high in protein, the granola combines a crunchy texture with a burst of natural flavour from uniquely New Zealand ingredients such as Hawkes Bay plum, and blossom, perfect as a delicious and healthy breakfast, snack or dessert.

  • Aloha - make every morning a holiday with a Hawaiian-inspired granola with generous servings of pineapple, macadamias and blossom.
  • Aroha - using uniquely New Zealand ingredients, start the day the right way with real flavours of Hawke’s Bay Black Doris plum and Horopito.

Vogel’s Finest aims to shake up the cereal aisle and solve the real issue of unsustainable plastic food packaging by eliminating where possible nearly all of the plastic in the product packaging, providing an alternative for eco-conscious consumers. The glass jar can be reused and recycled and is a first for the New Zealand-based brand.

“As a much-loved New Zealand brand, we’ve created a new product using premium local ingredients for Kiwi foodies that not only tastes great, looks good, but is good for the planet too," said Vicky Taylor, Vogel’s spokesperson.

“We’ve seen a growing trend of environmentally-friendly consumers demand more sustainable packaging alternatives, and together with recent local initiatives from leading New Zealand supermarkets, there has never been a more important time to launch Vogel’s Finest and inspire positive change in food packaging in New Zealand.”