Rebel Chocolate has collaborated with Tempo Tea Bar to create the healthiest chocolate bar possible. Made with three servings of Matcha, 20 percent protein and 40 percent less sugar, this Matcha Japanese Green Tea bar will taste good and be good for you.

As Matcha is known for its antioxidants and health benefits and Rebel Chocolate is lactose-free, gluten-free and contains no palm oil, there is no pair better suited.

“We are all about the marriage of great taste and innovation, so when Liam and his team from Tempo Tea Bar came to us with the idea of incorporating Matcha into our white chocolate, I was intrigued,” said co-owner of Rebel Chocolate, Neil Robson. “I knew Green Tea was a good source of antioxidants, but when I discovered Matcha contains more than ten times the number of antioxidants compare to standard Green Tea, this really got my attention.”