5 Traits of a Successful Leader With Zac de Silva

Zac de Silva gives his 5 best personality traits for good leadership

Zac de Silva - Leadership Coach, Business Changing

Think about a company that failed, and usually, the leader sticks out in your mind.

"If you are going to be successful as a business, it will not happen unless you have a good to great leader running the show, with strong team leaders below them," according to Zac de Silva, strategy and leadership coach at Business Changing.
How strong is the leadership at your business? If you're a business leader or a team leader, you need to ask yourself whether your business is as successful as it could be – and if not, how much of the reason for not reaching your potential is due to your leadership? Tricky question, but pondering this can be a game-changer.

"I have a 20-trait checklist that I share in my online or in-person workshops that leaders can rate themselves against – it helps determine your strengths and what you could work on improving," said de Silva.

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