New Zealand is set to see the influx of 30,000 trays of Zespri Red kiwifruit over the next five weeks. The red-fleshed fruit is being tested amongst Kiwis for taste, shelf-life, and whether or not the colouring is worth it. Should the results show a positive reaction, full commercialisation of the product could commence. Bryan Parkes, Zespri cultivar innovation manager, said, “The fruit itself brings some pretty distinct characteristics that many of our consumers won’t have experienced before. It’s a unique and naturally occurring pigment within the fruit, and it has a sweet taste.” The red-fleshed Kiwi has been developed in partnership with Plant and Food Research.

“We’re really excited to see how it performs, and the feedback we get from customers and retailers will be important as we consider whether to make Zespri Red more widely available alongside our other fruit.”

Parkes said that the red kiwifruit varieties had been grown in other parts of the world, mainly China.