After having released a four-video series on healthy eating, featuring Nikki Hart, the NZ Food & Grocery Council is again refreshing its YouTube channel with a new series focused on FMCG leaders, sharing business intelligence and some of the ideas that make FMCG businesses successful.

“The aim of each short video is to provide FGC members with ideas to apply to their business,” said Katherine Rich, chief executive of FMCG.
“At the last conference we invited some senior leaders in our industry to share a few thoughts on a range of topical issues, such as health and wellness, sustainability, talent retention and workplace safety, as well as their philosophies, their views on the business climate and latest trends in our industry.”

The first chapter, entitled ‘Why Work in FMCG?’, features one of NZ’s most renowned executive recruiters, Geoff Shaw of Saturn Group, who stressed the importance of training up young talent and hiring graduates. The FMCG industry, he also added, can offer a wealth of opportunities for young people, as long as they are ‘able to make the numbers work.’

The next video, featuring Sharna Heinjus, general manager of Kimberly-Clark, will be focusing on sustainability.