Say Hello to a Boss Iced Vanilla Latte

Suntory BOSS Coffee adds a third flavour to its already successful line-up, Suntory BOSS Coffee Iced Vanilla Latte.

A year after the release of the two initial flavours – Suntory BOSS Iced Long Black and Suntory BOSS Iced Latte –the beverage has fast become a popular option for many Kiwis and Aussies.

So the question on everyone’s lips is - how does the Suntory BOSS Coffee Iced Vanilla Latte taste?

Well…It is a creamier coffee mixed with milk, a splash of vanilla and has about one and a half shots of coffee per can. Whereas the latte has two shots of coffee with the perfect balance of milk and sugar. The Iced Long Black is bold and rich in flavour with a smooth after taste.

The Suntory BOSS Coffee Iced Vanilla Latte is perfect for today’s young coffee drinkers between 18 and 24.

It also serves as the perfect occasional treat for when you would normally feel like sweet treat such as a chocolate in the late afternoon.

Delicious and refreshing, Suntory BOSS Coffee is created using the traditional Japanese flash-brew method. Coffee beans are brewed piping hot to release the rich aroma, then chilled in a ‘flash’ to lock in flavour, one that sets Suntory BOSS Coffee apart from the rest.

While flash-brew has been a staple in Japan since the 1960, it’s a relatively new concept in New Zealand and Australia. Suntory BOSS Coffee is the only Japanese flash-brewed packaged coffee product available in Australia and New Zealand.

So if you’ve tried the other two flavours, but always wanted to try a Suntory BOSS Coffee that’s a little sweeter in taste, give the Suntory BOSS Coffee Iced Vanilla Latte a go.