GPS trolleys provide insight into costumers habits

An innovation in technology could see supermarkets begin to rearrange their aisle to fit consumers browsing patterns.

New World Island Bay has fitted out ten of their trolleys with GPS tracking devices which allows them to track their movement within a 10-30cm accuracy. The new devices are a part of a study dubbed the Trolley Location Project. Technology innovators Breadcrumb launched the devices in 2016 and approached New World to begin a collaborative venture. The technology is more precise than previous Bluetooth or Wi-Fi monitoring systems, which was only accurate up to a few meters, thus providing a more precise understanding of customers habits.

Customers worried about their privacy should not be concerned, as New World provides an ‘opt-out’ option for anyone visiting their participating stores.

By understanding consumers patterns of movements and stopping times, New World intends to make changes to their store's layouts to make shopping an easier and most streamlined process for their visitors. According to NewWorld, these changes should result in shorter queue times and less hustle and bustle during peak periods.

Efficiency is at the forefront of the supermarket giants mind, and this new technology could provide crucial insight into customers behaviours, which retailers can use to improve consumers overall shopping experiences.