superfood status proves to be a hit with customers

Narin’s Oatcakes have been using oats as the healthy heart of their product line since 1896 and have long preached the health benefits of this superfood.

With superfood on trend, Narin’s conducted an online survey which saw more than 700 New Zealanders responding to health food-related questions, so the brand could understand how their superfood lined up against others on the market in terms of customers perception.

The study found that more than three-quarters of Kiwi’s have made purchasing decision because an item was a supposed superfood.

The perceived health benefits of the superfoods included: more energy (56 percent), mental alertness (56 percent), detoxification (50 percent), better skin (50 percent), anti-aging (43 percent) and weight loss (19 percent).

Despite this, there was still some disagreement over whether superfoods were truly as healthy as they appear. 21 percent of those question believed superfoods were scientifically proven to have health benefits. 60 percent believed that it was dependent on the food, and some health claims could be supported by scientific studies. While 14 percent were of the opinion that superfoods held no proven benefits.

Among the superfoods, the most popular with consumers were turmeric (33 percent), oats (20 percent), blueberries (19 percent) and Maca (13 percent).

This was a positive outcome for the oat focused company, and Narin was pleased with the recognition of their superfood among potential consumers. “Oats are packed full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and studies have shown them to have many health benefits including helping to reduce cholesterol and keeping your gut healthy,” explained Jaimee Freeman, a spokesperson for Narin. “It is important to make an informed choice and opt for foods that have been proven to keep you healthy – regardless of whether they are the latest superfood or not.”

Fresh eating is trending, and Narin’s study indicates that superfoods are the latest route consumers are taking in their quest for a healthy lifestyle.