Achieving international success can often depend on a business’ ability to team up with other companies, sharing opportunities and challenges as a unified group or, in a word, a ‘coalition’.
The Food & Grocery Council (FGC) and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) are currently promoting the formation of such business-led coalitions, emphasising that they can benefit any business, regardless of its size or age. NZTE, in particular, has expressed its willingness to help coalitions boost their reach and capitalise on their synergies, as long as they have ‘hunger and ambition to succeed internationally’.

In detail, coalitions can help businesses enter competitive markets with clarity, for instance by developing a joined up product or service, or by solving complex problems through shared knowledge, costs and risks.

The collaboration of twelve wineries who formed the ‘Family of 12’ is probably one of the best examples, which has seen them benefit from teaming up in the name of market expansion.

“The Family of 12 has allowed Villa Maria to join with like-minded, quality-focused, family-owned New Zealand wine producers from all our great regions, to tell our stories around the world,” said Sir George Fistonich, CEO and founder of Villa Maria Estate. “It ensures a focus on the marketing of premium NZ wine, which is imperative for our international success and revenue growth.”
The companies had agreed that any impactful overseas marketing would have been costly, and by deciding to work together for the common good they cut that cost. Markets, they added, have greeted the initiative with a mix of surprise and excitement.