Cutting Edge Payment Solutions

Next Payments

Next Payments (Next) leverages over 20 years of industry experience to provide a comprehensive range of cutting-edge payment and technology solutions for both the Australian and New Zealand hospitality markets. Next’s leadership team has a wealth of knowledge that has facilitated its growth and success by working closely with clients in order to develop industry-specific products that not only meet but exceed industry demands and customer expectations. All Next products are supported by 24/7 local support and an in-house research and development team, aiding the ability to keep its clients at the forefront of payment and technology innovations.

By having a Next Payments ATM in-store, you could be adding another stream of income to your business. In addition to earning a rebate for every transaction that takes place, you can reap the benefits of the extra foot traffic that comes in-store. When a customer uses an ATM to get cash out, the likelihood of them making a purchase in-store increases tenfold, bringing in additional sales for your business.

All Next Payments ATMs come with complimentary on-screen advertising, allowing any current promotions to be uploaded onto the screen for customers to see. Such advertising has been seen to drive sales and levels of engagement amongst various customer bases, with customers more aware of any sales and promotional deals that are running at the time. Next ATMs also allow any offers that are currently running to feature on the ATM receipts that are printed following a transaction, further motivating customers to take advantage of current deals.

Plus, with an ATM on site or nearby for seamless cash payments, your business will never be impacted by any unforeseen EFTPOS outages ever again.