ISA Smartflex

Smartflex, new display technology

Introducing the revolutionary touchless solution: Smartflex is ISA's exclusive touchless technology which, thanks to its revolutionary system of automatically opening mobile flaps, introduces a new concept in display units to the world of professional refrigeration.

Automatic opening glass door vertical chillers' with the Smartflex door system for contactless shopping. Fitted with an
environmentally friendly plug-in R290 refrigeration system for the display of dairy products, beverages, meat, fresh and pre-packed products. The exclusive ISA patented technology that enhances product visibility and significantly reduces energy consumption.

Smartflex reduces the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria by eliminating the need to touch the handles to open refrigerated cabinets, increasing the sense of security and trust on the part of customers. This is the ideal solution for stores with a smaller footprint or narrow aisles. Smartflex makes it possible to have a perfectly optimized layout in terms of footprint and to offer customers an exceptional shopping experience.

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