Specialist Fátima Merlin has released a book about the pitfalls and execution of category management. The book invites retail and industry professionals to reflect on whether they are offering what their customers really seek, and if there is indeed consistency between what they promise them and what they actually deliver.

On this first approach to the term "Shoppercracy”, the writer shares with the readers the actions related to Category Management (CG), from planning to execution, showing that it not only works but that it can positively influence business management and customer relationships, especially if they are at the centre of the decision making. “Shoppercracy” also points out some of the errors that might occur when applying a CG process.

The book is aimed at industry professionals, retailers, marketing and advertising agencies and consultants. It is a must-read, especially when regarding the new challenges and the new generations of shoppers.

Fátima Merlin has a master’s degree in Business Marketing; she is an economist, entrepreneur and founder of Connect Shopper in addition to being a retail, marketing research and consumer behaviour professor. She specialises in category management and consumer behaviour and has worked for over 25 years in the industry.