The Pak n’ Save Picket for Decent Work at the Auckland Glen Innes store saw hundreds of customers filling out forms and handing them into checkout operators to show support for the hard work they do.

First Union Organiser Mandeep Bela said the support from the public was overwhelming. “Customers really wanted to show their appreciation. Check out staff were moved by their generosity in showing support for wages they can live off and conditions that support a healthy work/ life balance. They know Pak n Save workers are worth decent wages and conditions just like everybody else.”

Mr Bela believes that the act provides hope for the workers who’re amongst the lowest paid supermarket staff in Auckland. “On the one hand we have an owner who appears on the NBR rich list who doesn’t want to negotiate on conditions such as sick leave and redundancy, and the pay in this store is one of the lowest compared to other unionised Pak’nSaves in Auckland. On the other hand, we have a community that is hugely in support of decent work that includes pay people can live off and conditions that support a healthy work/ life balance. We know all people are worth wages they can live off and it’s time this owner realised that conclusion too.”

He added that the store staff enjoy their jobs and have a great team. “Many of the staff are the breadwinners of their households and they have a huge amount of customer service and product knowledge and many with years of experience in the job, it’s time that’s recognised.”