Silver Fern Farms Expands Venison Range

Hearty slow-cooked meals are a winter favourite and a great chance for home cooks to experiment with a range of meat options, including nutritious pasture-raised Venison. Silver Fern Farms makes this easy with the release of its new, generously sized, Slow-Cook Venison Diced 750g. Simple to prepare, Venison Diced takes on a delicious full flavour, making it the perfect addition to any braised, stewed or roasted dish this winter.

Silver Fern Farms Group Marketing Manager, Nicola Johnston, said the larger-sized serving makes Venison Diced an ideal option for hearty family meals, or for ensuring leftovers for the next day.

“Typically, consumers will reach for Beef or Lamb for their winter meals, but we’re seeing increasing consumer demand for Venison as a result of growing awareness of its especially high nutritional value, as well as its delicate flavour and versatility,” said Johnston.

Venison is higher in iron and selenium than Beef and Lamb, and lower in fat than skinless chicken. With its higher proportion of energy from protein, it’s a great choice for those who want to benefit from the nutritional value of meat while reducing saturated fat intake. It’s also a good source of immunity-strengthening nutrients, such as zinc, and B vitamins like B12, riboflavin and niacin.

“In fact, it’s been said by experts that if a scientist could create an ideal meat it would be Venison, plus it tastes absolutely delicious."

Silver Fern Farms’ Venison is also a great choice for conscious consumers who care about the provenance of their food and the relative environmental footprint of its production. It is all grass-fed and pasture-raised naturally on New Zealand farms, with no added hormones, ever. The brand’s range of Venison products also come trimmed and portioned, so there is no further waste-producing preparation required.

In 2019, Silver Fern Farms became the first red meat company to be CEMARS (Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme) certified, reflecting its wider commitment to driving sustainability throughout its supply chain.

“With New Zealand farmers producing some of the world’s very best Venison, and an increase in options as our range of Venison products expands to meet growing consumer demand, this winter is the perfect opportunity to create some favourite new winter dishes with this versatile red meat."