Sour Patch Kids is back and set to unleash havoc– this time on your taste buds with two new products, Fire and Freeze!

Not for the faint of heart – Sour Patch Kids Fire will release a blaze of heat on your tongue and put a fire in your belly. But never fear, the Freeze flavour will leave you with a cooling and refreshing sensation. Together, these two create a sensory experience that will blow you away!

“Sour Patch Kids are always looking for opportunities to give Kiwi families new flavours and experiences to share," said Will Papesch, senior marketing manager for Mondelez New Zealand. "We know that Kiwis are becoming increasingly adventurous when it comes to their treats, and they’re constantly on the hunt for new taste innovations. We’re excited to see how New Zealand reacts to the surprisingly hot, and refreshingly cool sensations of these new flavours."