Acromantulas, Blu Mouth Painters and Spooky Spookers are the creepy sweets that all little ghosts and goblins were waiting for. The new Spookers range is a special addition to Sweet Scoop’s confectionery, featuring old favourites and new flavours, textures and shapes from around the world.

Harry Potter’s fans are already familiar with Acromantulas, giant spiders believed to be wizard-bred species, but – thank goodness – their sweet version looks way less poisonous. Kids will love a Blu Mouth Painter, that’s both a trick and a treat: as its name states, expect to see their mouth turn blue. If you want to fill your Halloween basket with even more gummy goodies, don’t miss out on the Spooky Spookers Mix, which includes gruesome ghosts, tiny bones and heaps of scary shapes.

The Spookers range is still available in the self-service department of New World and PAK’nSAVE stores nationwide.