One Auckland woman beat 200 competitors to win a World trip for two as part of a 4km treasure hunt competition in the central city today.

More than 200 determined treasure hunters armed with passports and clues completed the hunt around central Auckland, the brisk winter weather no deterrent for those seeking the grand prize, return flights for two anywhere in the world.

Te Atatu South’s Avantika Gupta and her husband Sherwin Tian says they employed a particular strategy to ensure that they had the very best chance of winning.

“We saw a bit of a display of boxes and thought they looked unusual so I stood close to those and I told Sherwin to go and stand in the middle of the event space in the crowd just in case I was wrong.”

Gupta says the last clue in the treasure hunt outlined how the winery had been built brick by brick and she knew then she was in the right place and begun pulling apart the branded boxes. After only two boxes,

“I only had to go through two boxes and I didn’t realise for a few moments that I had won the prize... I thought ‘oh my gosh’ this can’t be happening.”

The recently married pair now plan to travel to Africa, the Galapagos Islands or Iceland with their winning tickets.

Auckland winery Villa Maria created the ‘Open Another World’ treasure hunt as a way to encourage Kiwis to try something new, while at the same time bringing the story of the iconic label to life.