Summer is Coming!

You know summer time is approaching when the supermarket shelves start becoming full with everyone's favourite fruit- blueberries, mangoes and raspberries to name a few. In recognition of this fabulous time of year, Haagen Dazs ice cream has launched with a new irresistible flavour- Haagen Dazs Blueberries & Cream 457ml pint.

A refreshingly beautiful ice cream, with a velvety base and delightful notes of whole juicy blueberries. What better way to unwind during a summer’s evening? Haagen Dazs ice cream always starts with 4 simple ingredients: real cream, milk, eggs and sugar.  To that, Haagen Dazs only add extraordinary ingredients. The new Haagen Dazs Blueberries & Cream ice cream is no exception.