Super Easy Plant Based Protein In Just Two Minutes

Favourite among rice aficionados, chefs and consumers for 50 years, Tilda, brings all new Super Grains range to New Zealand. The new premium variations add to Tilda’s already-loved two minute microwaveable range, and feature ancient grains with wholegrain rice varieties. These recipes are moreish and full of flavour, including zesty and fragrant ingredients such as Lime & Herb, Coconut, Garlic & Ginger, and Sweet Potato, Chilli & Coconut.

Each of the varieties in Tilda’s new Super Grains collection includes ancient grains like quinoa, sorghum, red and black rice, as well as wild rice for optimum taste and texture. Each recipe provides a source of plant based protein and is balanced with Tilda’s versatile recipes, which can create a canvas for many meals. The range stays true to Tilda’s value of bringing a world of flavour to consumers’ kitchens, by incorporating aromatic herbs and spices such as lime, garlic, and ginger. These pouches will help take any recipe from convenient to connoisseur in just two minutes.

Tilda uses its expertise in choosing only the finest of wholegrains by making what normally would take 25-45 minutes to cook and offering them in a convenient ready to eat packet, in just two minutes. For Tilda, it’s not simply about food and fare, it’s about inspiring people to explore the unique cultures of the world through flavour.

Each of Tilda’s Super Grains flavours are gluten free, vegan and vegetarian friendly, and dairy free.