For over 25 years College Hill Agency has provided superior representation to NZ brand owners which have enjoyed growth and profitability two and a half times greater than their category counterparts.

In 2017 College Hill Agency launched CH Edge, with a dedicated sales team specifically targeting chilled, frozen and fresh. This team will adopt the strategy of a limited principal portfolio, a dedicated team of chilled, frozen and fresh territory managers, an experienced KAM team and merchandising support.

Growth of brands entering and NPD in the chilled, frozen and fresh area of the supermarket has been huge with many local manufacturers entering this market. This area provides great opportunities but different dynamics such as limited space and shelf life along with a different store buyer and margin expectations.

Many agencies believe that one size fits all, whether it is an agency with a large base of chilled and frozen clients looking to move into grocery or vice versa. Focus is the key, so College Hill Agency has developed a new model to provide clients with an independent team that will focus only on the ‘outside edge’ of the store. This will allow for flexibility, more action, and better results. That is why the new team is called ‘College Hill Edge’. Of course, the dry grocery team will also ensure your products are on-shelf and available, giving your brand exceptional coverage.

It is always the College Hill goal to work in partnership with the brands they represent. The team wants to believe in the brand and the strategy so they look to work on helping to develop these aspects of the relationship. Communication is two ways. The College Hill team is your team. The new Edge concept allows for a separate team of representatives to operate but also to gain from the considerable leverage, systems and experience that College Hill Agency has developed

This innovative approach is to ensure that each new client acquisition for the Edge team adds value to the business of the existing clients. By being selective in the brands accepted into the College Hill portfolio, valued can be added to all.

If your brand could benefit from a fresh approach, more attention and exceptional support then give College Hill Agency a call on 09 360 6160