Supermarket Video Advertising Takes Off in the USA

Lightboc video advertising enters the grocery sector

Lightbox, the American digital video advertising company, has entered the grocery sector.

The New York based company currently has 8,500 display screens in 3,300 locations across the USA, and receives over a billion monthly impressions. Its new Digital Video Grocery Network adds 2,800 supermarkets and 3,000 screens to the retail footprint.

“These are high-frequency destinations – with American consumers going to the grocery store on average 1.9 times per week – and the screens provide an invaluable connection point for advertisers to reach audiences in brand-safe environments. Since we’re already experts in effectively reaching consumers in a shopping state-of-mind via our mall network, the grocery locations are a natural extension of our retail media portfolio.” Said Greg Glenday, Lightbox CEO.

Lightbox advertising screens are most often located above the checkout in supermarkets. They provide unmatched advertising opportunities for store products and brands. The screens target supermarket shoppers directly and help drive sales.