Thankyou Shoots To The Top

Social conscious brand Thankyou has launched in New Zealand a few months ago but has already made a significant impact on the NZ grocery market. While it took Thankyou years to get stocked in the Australian grocery market, it took just three months for Foodstuffs and Countdown to pick up the brand.

So far Thankyou products are proving popular with Kiwis, with the brand reporting that it is the number three Body Wash, the number one Body Scrub, the number seven Hand Wash and the number four moisturiser.

“We aim to make remarkable products that are number one in their category, not just because number one is a fun number, but because it means we can make the most dollars to give to something bigger than all of us - ending global poverty,” said a spokesperson for the brand.

“Thankyou has grown to the number one and two hand wash position in Australia, and we believe the same is possible for New Zealand, but we can’t do it on our own.”