Tomorrow Foods is a brand new, New Zealand owned health food company dedicated to creating delicious foods that are made sustainably using alternative ingredients – with a focus on high protein products. All while creating as little impact on our precious planet as possible.

First to market is Tomorrow Foods feature product Protein Pasta ‘Powered by Crickets’ Penne which is a dried pasta, containing a whopping 25g protein per serve (more than double the amount of protein found in other brands) plus contains other essential vitamins and micro- nutrients. It can be used the exact way as regular pasta in all your usual meals.

This made in New Zealand pasta, is the product of two years of development and is available in select supermarkets in the coming weeks.

Founded by two young entrepreneurs, Matt Genefaas and Daniel Craig, Tomorrow Foods is a New Zealand first – a food company that is dedicated to producing primarily insect-based high-protein products across a wide range of food categories. Matt and Dan are also the founders of Eat Crawlers which was stage one in their plan to raise awareness of eating insects. Eat Crawlers goal was to deliver fun and approachable products that were planned to create a discussion about why we should be eating insects and alternative proteins sources, which continues to be a success.

The website also serves as a resource to bring you creative recipes and ideas on how you can enrich your meals with this unique and practical pasta, soon to be loved by the whole family.

The Tomorrow Foods range is set to expand across multiple food categories and will become available in most supermarkets, delivering a variety of healthy and sustainable foods that will fast become family favourites.