The Insights team at Foodstuffs has been digging deep to unlock some useful info for forward planning – and uncovered some hopeful signs of New Zealanders still being keen to keep up their skills in the kitchen.

“While various groups are unloading research which seems to suggest we’re living on a diet of MSG, E numbers and ‘ultra-processed’ foods, we’re delighted to see the overwhelming majority of Kiwis claim that during a typical week, ‘I bought all the ingredients myself and cooked at home’, said Kay Bramley – a new member of the Foodstuffs NZ Insights and CX team.

“It’s also heartening to see this is the case across all household types and age groups.  Whether a group flatting together or a family household with teenagers – we’re apparently cooking up a storm with fresh ingredients from a supermarket, farmers’ market or local grocer."

The numbers are outlined below:

Group flatting together Single / couple no children at home Single parent household with children Family household oldest child under 5 Family household oldest child 5 – 12 Family household oldest child 13 – 18 Family household with adult children at home Other
94% 94% 90% 91% 96% 96% 93% 87%

So, what does this mean for suppliers to brands like New World, PAK'nSAVE and Four Square?

“Keep the new products coming for fresh, exciting affordable meal solutions and bundle them with exciting and inspirational ways to use and prepare them,” said Bramley.  “We’re always looking for new ways to keep our customers engaged and initiatives like PitchMe – with Supermarket News, are fantastic for introducing us to what you have to offer.”

n=1308, panel of New Zealand shoppers