As one of the Granola leaders in the category, Blue Frog continues to innovate and has launched a delicious Blueberry, Almond & Cinnamon Probiotic Granola.

Think of Blueberry Crumble for breakfast - flavour packed Blueberries are combined with toasted nuts and a dusting of Cinnamon to create a luxurious Blueberry delight. This Granola is also the first of the range to include Pre + Probiotics.

“With gut health one of the biggest trends in breakfast, we found 70% of consumers were interested in having probiotics included in the muesli and 40% more motivated to purchase because of it” said Catherine Parlane, Blue Frog’s marketing manager.

This Granola ticks all the boxes as is vegan, diary, refined sugar and sulphite free as well as being one of the lowest sugar variants with only 3.2g per serve. Possible the world’s best tasting cereal….