Tablets are the most commonly used digital tool for sales, and FMCG sales teams worldwide have been quick to adopt tablet technology in the field, but which one is best for your field team? As a leading merchandising mobile sales solution, Opmetrix has put together a snapshot of statistics to discover which devices are popular in the field.

When you think of the iPad, whichis the front runner with nearly 90 percent of devices used by FMCG field teams, you could almost be forgiven for forgetting about Android and Windows, but in the last 12 months Android has been putting up a fight, particularly with its Samsung Galaxy which has become more robust and reliable. Only two percent of Opmetrix users have adopted Windows tablets.

Surprisingly, tablets are really tough. The breakage rate for field teams is less than one in 100 in more than 12 months. The trick is to use the toughest case you can find to protect the corners so that if it drops it bounces rather than crumbles.

The iPad Pro was announced this September and it’s a massive 13” screen. We don’t question its functionality, but doubt we’ll see many territory managers carry these into stores.

Both Apple and Android have released the smart watch and Opmetrix has completed some initial R&D. The results are in: there’s some good functionality for sales managers e.g. instant reporting of what the team is up to, but are hard-pressed to see it as a useful in-store tool for now.

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