They say water’s boring; we say they’re wrong. Meet Fruit Splash No Sugar Sparkling: Sparkling water with natural fruit essence.

After the successful launch of Fruit Splash No Sugar Sparkling in Australia, Bickford’s is proud to bring this exciting new range to New Zealand. With three on-trend contemporary flavours, Lemon Lime & Cucumber, Peach & Mandarin and Raspberry & Hibiscus, Fruit Splash No Sugar attracts new consumers who seek out healthier options by offering a guilt-free option with a touch of fizz. The vibrant packaging has maximum shelf standout and appeal, when both sold separately or as multi-pack. The three flavours are perfect to enjoy as a sugar free alternative to soft drink, on their own or as a mixer for cocktails. So…are you ready to get your fizz on?

For more information contact our Sales Manager Chris Bhimy on 021 239 5958 or