TRANSCONTINENTAL PACKAGING | Ron Hooper, Managing Director

"Today, the New Zealand government upgraded the threat level alert for the COVID-19 pandemic from level two to level three. In 48 hours this will be upgraded to alert level four.

We are confirming our status as an alert level four “essential business” involved in “Packaging, production and processing of food and beverage products”, and our commitment to remain open to meet all your expectations as normal. We will meet all government requirements.

In accordance with that alert elevation, we have moved to a “work from home” for all administration and office staff who can do so.

In our Christchurch plant we are maintaining our operations and productions process as standard, supported by both onsite and work from home Customer Service team, and anticipate no disruption to our normal levels of supply.

Our Sales Team will continue to make contact with you by telephone and email to ensure that we are aware of your demand and requirements.

We are in a strong position carrying adequate levels of stock and raw materials, our Asian supply partners are supplying as per our normal requirements and our factory staff continue to make high quality products. Should any of that situation change, we will work with you as a priority to meet your requirements.

We are well positioned to supply you through this challenging period.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Transcontinental Australasia. Rest assured that you our strong management team and dedicated staff are committed to ensuring your continuity of business through these challenging times.

Please let me know what if there is anything I can personally do to help."