Trends Berry, Berry Good for Retailers

Over the past five years, the berry industry has seen strong growth thanks to a rise in demand from consumers. The category is said to be worth around $2 billion with strong projected growth over the next five years as the health benefits of berries are increasingly marketed to and accepted by consumers.

According to new research, blueberries are one of the top berries for consumers, with the consumption in the US alone growing 600% between 1994 to 2014, more than any other fruit or vegetable.

Countdown has seen a 20 percent growth in frozen fruit over the last three months, in comparison to the same time last year. According to the business, the growth has been driven, largely, by product innovation and a suspected increase of consumers making smoothies and baking at home.

Although there is no overall customer favourite noted at Countdown, blueberries and mixed berries are the most popular choices.

"We’re always reviewing our range to meet customer growth and trends and frozen berries are no exception.  We’ve recently introduced some exciting new products in the Orchard Gold Wellbeing range which includes superfoods such as Acai or Turmeric in with the frozen berries. And stay tuned for a new variant with hemp coming soon," said a Countdown spokesperson.

Antoinette Laird, head of corporate affairs at Foodstuffs NZ also said that berries continue to be a customer favourite, particularly with the new season strawberries now available in-store, with fresh blueberries, raspberries and blackberries soon to arrive.

"We're seeing the traditional berry season last longer with the arrival of new varieties and more advanced technology, and growers of course are hoping Mother Nature cooperates and delivers us some memorable warm weather and sunshine so New Zealanders can have the cream of the crop this berry season," said Laird.

"Frozen berries are booming this year with more customers consuming frozen goods from the comfort of their own homes. Larger pack sizes are popular, with frozen mangos and strawberries a favourite in smoothies, while blueberries and raspberries are customers’ choice in their home baking."

Here are some top products featuring 'BERRIES'.

New Zealand’s favourite frozen fruit brand Orchard Gold continues to ramp up its innovative offerings with a new addition to their Wellbeing+ range – blueberries with hemp and feijoa wellbeing+ frozen drops, another world first!

Demand for hemp is booming, its profile amplified by the upcoming legalisation referendum. Safe to say eating Orchard Gold Wellbeing+ hemp and feijoa won’t have you seeing pink elephants but does come with the associated health benefits from being high in omegas, protein, vitamins such as Vitamin E and essential trace minerals such as zinc, potassium and calcium.

In easy to merchandise, shelf efficient resealable 800g packs, with the hottest ingredients, Orchard Gold Wellbeing+ is rewriting the rules in the booming frozen fruit category. As pressure comes on from increasing house brand penetration, the search for margin and for SKUs that keep consumers stimulated and engaged also increases. Orchard Gold Wellbeing+ addresses these issues, delivering solid dollar margin and novelty that drives consumption.

Globally consumers are switching on to the Health and Wellbeing mega trend; make sure you capture your share of this growth, ask your rep for Orchard Gold’s newest margin hero, Wellbeing+ hemp and feijoa.

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Raglan Food Co's Organic Blueberry coconut yoghurt is one of the brand's best-sellers and it's not hard to see why. The team at Raglan Food Co care about the environment (and are Carbon Zero Certified) and also care about what goes into their yoghurt. Raglan Food Co use New Zealand sourced organic blueberries to make a delicious and refreshing dairy-free yoghurt that tastes good with just about anything. It makes the perfect topping for daily muesli, desserts, baking and smoothies! Blueberries may be one of the world’s smallest fruits, but they're renowned for their high levels of antioxidants. Organic Blueberry is smooth and creamy and each jar is made with love by their Living Wage crew in beautiful Raglan.

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Tasti Protein + Red Berries – A light and crispy nut bar with red berries, goji and maca, deliciously dipped in a white choc, with an added benefit of Probiotics.  A natural source of protein and fibre makes this a great anytime snack that works as hard on your insides as it does on your hunger.

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A new season, a new flavour. The team at Motueka Creamery just couldn’t help crafting another real berry ice cream consumers won’t be able to resist - Breaker Bay White Chocolate and Raspberry. 

Its latest flavour is the seventh in our Motueka Creamery range. Yes seven - the brand has had a busy first year!

After launch 19 months ago, the brand hit the ground running, securing a real presence in New Zealand supermarkets. Motueka Creamery even scooped the 2019 Gold/Best in the NZ Ice Cream Awards, Premium Vanilla Category for its Mt. Arthur Snowfall Vanilla. 

Nestled between Nelson and Abel Tasman National Park in the Top of the South, home is at the heart of both spectacular scenery and its creative industry. Inspired by the beautiful region, Motueka Creamery have not stopped creating its unique flavours, each made with real milk and cream.

It’s that rich freshness you’ll taste in all of their flavours, including Breaker Bay White Chocolate and Raspberry.

Taking its name from one of Abel Tasman’s most beautiful inlets, just along the coast from the ever-popular Kaiteriteri beach (origin of its Kaiteriteri Inlet Lemon Cheesecake sku), the new Breaker Bay flavour combines waves of real raspberry, rippled with the creamy luxury of white chocolate ice Cream - a treat that is as sweet as the feeling of summer’s first swim 

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