They say that good things come in threes, well that is certainly true for Kāpiti Coast Brewery Tuatara, who today launched three new beers, all new-world variations of the popular IPA style, in a handy six pack format.

Whether you are an IPA aficionado, or just IPA-curious, the Tuatara IPA Mixed Pack will be sure to please, featuring an East Coast Hazy IPA, a West Coast IPA and a Pacific (NZ and Australia) IPA. The look, aromas and flavours are all quite distinctive and are intended to showcase the different hops and styles from the respective regions.

The Pacific IPA (5.2%) is bursting with the tropical fruit flavours synonymous with NZ and Australian hops and has a moderate bitterness. The East Coast Hazy IPA (6.1%) has big citrus and tropical fruit US hop flavours with the lower bitterness and creamy mouthfeel typical of this hugely popular American style. At the more bitter end of the spectrum, we have the citrus and piney characteristics made popular on the west coast of America, in our West Coast IPA (6.9%).

“As our first limited release of 2020, we wanted to continue the momentum of last year with some great tasting beers that bring something different to our year-round offerings,” said Tuatara Head Brewer, Paul Roigard.

“From the popularity of our current mixed six pack, we know that people have a thirst for comparing a variety of flavours so we’ve focused our attention on the distinctive and popular new world hop varieties coming out of the US, New Zealand and Australia,” said Roigard.

The packaging features a bespoke take on the reptilian-inspired tuatara eye that the brand is known for. Using new-world cues, the navigation themed imagery includes a variety of mythical creatures from each hop region as a nod to early explorers and the like-minded craft beer lovers who thrive on discovery and experimentation.

Tuatara Founder, Carl Vasta, explains that the IPA style has evolved in exciting ways over the last few decades, and deserves its place as the number one craft beer style in New Zealand:

“The IPA is a wonderful style of beer, with a pleasant bitterness, wonderful hop aroma and flavour – and a nice subtle malt balance. It is no surprise that IPA is New Zealand’s most popular craft beer style – currently 1 in every 5 litres of craft beer sold is an IPA style. The IPA style in craft has grown a whopping 26% in the last year*, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this growth continue," said Vasta.

“Traditionally in New Zealand IPAs were relatively few and far between. In the last 10 years, with the rising popularity of NZ hops and the increased availability of American hops we have seen some really outstanding examples of IPAs in New Zealand. We’ve seen a trend towards lighter malts, which let the hops really shine through and increases the perceived bitterness."