Becky Cashman created her natural product's brand Goodbye twenty years ago having been fascinated with the gifts of plant oils. Cashman was inspired to launch natural products for outdoor use.

The award-winning company doesn't use chemicals in its products. Cashman wanted to create something new to the market. She spent 14 years working as a river guide in a sandfly-infested country and found herself getting continuously bitten. This prompted her to cultivate a highly effective natural bug repellent, Goodbye Sandfly and has been New Zealand's number one selling bug repellent since 2009.

The range also includes Goodbye Ouch Manuka Balm, a natural soothing balm with therapeutic ingredients providing relief from chapped lips, grazes, bruises and more. Goodbye Nits is a natural and gentle remedy to get rid of head lice, another product in the range.

Cashman has added Goodbye Ouch Sun Balm, a high-performance SPF sunscreen that is rich in organic ingredients and protects and moisturises the skin. It contains no water, which means it doesn't wash off while swimming and will protect the skin.

The company has become a family business and functions on its Kerikeri property.

"We really are a family business. We've grown both our kids and the business at the same time," said Cashman.

Goodbye is the only Natrue certified brand in New Zealand's grocery industry.