Unleash Your Inner Gourmet

Introducing the all new Designer Vege range, featuring restaurant quality baby vegetables, salads and herbs.

Packed with goodness and rich in Vitamin C, these beauty blends enable you to unleash your inner gourmet from the comfort of your own home.  

The range includes three unique products, being baby Orange Carrots, Rainbow Carrots, and the Vege Medley. The Carrots are available in 250g boxes and the Vege Medley in a 350g box.

Using innovative packaging we focused the attention on the baby vegetables and made them the ‘Hero’ by placing them in the centre of the plate as well as including meal inspiration recipes on the back of the pack.

The team at Southern Fresh are excited to launch this range leading into Summer and the festive season, and can’t wait to see the amazing culinary creations consumers come up with. 

Every day can be gourmet so keep an eye out for the designer range landing on shelves shortly.

For more information contact sales@southernfresh.co.nz