The food and grocery market has seen an influx of plant-based alternatives in recent years as consumers continue to become more health and environmentally conscious. One market that has seen significant growth is the vegan cheese segment which is predicted to register a CAGR of 7.3 percent and holds an estimated value of nearly US$2.5 billion.

New Zealand retailers have noticed the rise in demand and have been significantly increasing vegan offerings. Countdown has said that its percentage of vegan customers has almost doubled in the last year while a number of independent artisanal producers have also been spotted popping up at farmers markets around the country. Consumers across the globe have noticed the health benefits associated with being vegan or flexitarian and are embracing this new trend. In celebration of vegan month, Supermarket News has compiled a collection of some of New Zealand’s leading vegan cheeses.

Alex and Lark are the founders of Terra Nut Cheese, a new vegan cheese start-up from Wellington. The team at Terra Nut Cheese are committed to creating products that can be part of a wholefood plant-based diet while being as minimally processed and healthful as possible.

The brand’s range of cheeses are certified vegan and contain just a few ingredients including whole cashews, purified water, sea salt, dairy-free probiotics, herbs and spices with no added oil or preservatives. “Although our products can fool cheese lovers, we don’t like comparing them to dairy, nor are we trying to imitate it. We truly believe nut cheeses are amazing products in their own right and are the new real thing,” said co-founder, Alex Verkholantceva. The cream cheese product is 375g, and the Smokey Cashew blocks are 250g. “The sizes are generous to ensure customers can have a lot of cheese on bagels and make cheesey mac and cheese or even a whole cheesecake.”

All packaging used is recyclable, biodegradable and plastic-free.

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The team at Veesey are a foodie family with young kids. When one of their boys was diagnosed with a dairy allergy a few years ago, the team quickly noticed a lack of affordable dairy-free alternatives in the mainstream supermarkets. Through their search, they discovered a growing desire from people all over the world for good quality dairy or meat-free alternatives to the traditional foods Kiwis grew up with. Some of these choices are driven by allergies and intolerance’s, while others are choosing to avoid the consumption of animal products, or by-products in pursuit of ethical, clean eating or for environmental reasons. “Whatever your motivation, we believe there should be tasty, great quality alternatives to animal-based products readily available to everyone. That’s where Veesey began,” said a spokesperson at Veesey. The company’s driving purpose is to provide simple, easy and delicious plant-based alternatives for the everyday foods we love. In addition their range of Veesey cheese products, Veesey has also recently launched dairy-free Veesey Pasta Sauces – dairy-free creamy white wine and dairy-free creamy portobello pasta sauce.

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Green Larder is a small artisan food producer with quality being its top priority. Carefully handcrafted using the freshest and finest ingredients, including certified organic, the range is made in the sunny Wairarapa and was originally developed by food technologist Susan Assadi. Assadi’s Persian heritage and long standing food industry expertise brings a range of gourmet authentic and organic selection of dips and vegan products to the market for everyone to enjoy. Susan spent many years of experience in the food industry developing healthy, wholesome and nutritious food that she would be happy for her family to eat.

The range includes Green Larder’s Cashew Cream Cheese. This non-dairy, raw, cultured Cashew Cheese is uniquely fermented, smooth and unquestionably rich. It pairs perfectly with crackers and is delicious over baked potatoes. It is Raw, Vegan and Organic and is available in both an Original and Smoked (Manuka) styles.

Soon to be added to the range is a Cashew Camembert and Cashew Blue Cheese to complement these products..

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The Alternative Dairy Co’s recently launched dairy-free cheeses are what vegan dreams are made of. The moreish Cheddar, Mozzarella and Parmesan vegan cheeses really do melt, stretch, grate and taste delicious, just like its full dairy counterpart. Made from plant-based ingredients including virgin coconut oil, the vegan cheese range is free-from animal products, soy and gluten, and doesn’t contain any nasties including GMOs, palm oil and trans fats.

It is an extremely versatile option for consumers that goes well on pizza, pasta, nachos or a classic cheese toastie.

Established in 2018 by Life Health Foods (LHF), The Alternative Dairy Co’s range deliver dairy alternatives that offer the same expectations of other traditional dairy favourites. Passionate about producing great tasting, fresh and convenient plant-based foods, LHF also brings The Alternative Meat Co. and Bean Supreme to the free-from market.

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Grater Goods is a vegan butchery and deli in Christchurch which specialises in fine vegan meats and cheeses. Established in August 2018 by husband and wife duo Flip Grater and Youssef Iskrane, Grater Goods’ kaupapa is to bring customers all the pleasures of fine foods and gourmet plant based deli items and show them the breadth of plant proteins, to make delicious vegan meats, cheese and sandwiches available. “We believe in caring about our impact on Earth, so Grater Goods is 100 percent plant-based and we avoid plastics when possible,” said Flip.

Flip has been dedicated to making delicious vegan food for over two decades, as well as writing about it in travel and cooking journals and her vegan cooking and parenting blog. Youssef is a Paris-born French Moroccan cheese lover and hospitality superstar, with a career split between Paris and Christchurch. He has developed an intimate knowledge and love of all things food and wine after collaborating with top chefs and winemakers over many years.

The name Grater Goods, is a reference to Flip’s grandfather, whose family business was Grater & Sons, a pork and beef butchery in Sunderland, England, dating back to the early 20th Century. Grater Goods is both a nod to this heritage and a subversion of it, with 100 percent plant-based menu to cater to contemporary tastes and current planetary priorities.

The range of vegan cheeses available include Ashed Smokey Cheddar, Boursin, Casheta, Coconut Feta, Herb & Garlic Cream Cheese, Fresh Mozzarella, Parmesan, Smokey Chipotle Cheese and Toasted Cumin and Pepper Cheese. All of which are vegan.

The team are currently looking for distribution and retailers for its large range of meats which include Chch Chorizo, Sopressa, Kielbasa, Chorizo Mince, Furkey, Pastrami and Beet Wellington, all of which are vegan as well.

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